Book Review–Sweet Mercy

This is a review copy from Bethany House Publishers.

The story centers around a 15/16 year old girl whose family has to leave their home (due to the depression) and move to a hotel to work with her uncle.  Here she begins to grow up as she realizes that not everyone wants to follow the rules, especially when it comes to Prohibition.

I found the story-line had a good moral to it: that self-righteousness only goes skin deep.  However, I found the age of the girl and the language of the book was more suited to a high schooler than to an adult.  It did have some good themes to it, though.  Some of these include following the laws of the land (a Biblical command), obeying parents, speaking up even when the truth will hurt, and a few others. 

I probably would not read the book again as I did find it written in very simple language.  It would be good for a middle to high school aged girl, though.

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