DIY Wednesday – History Quiet Book Page

While working on my “Booking Across Canada” activities, I knew I wanted to include a felt project.  The great thing about making a quiet book page is that you can adapt it for many different things.   When I taught grades 4-6 a few years ago, I kept a large felt board, some backdrops, and a number of different stories/Bible lessons that they could play with.  And on rainy days, it was a hit.

This could potentially be a felt board project OR a paper/stiff board craft that the students can recreate for themselves.  I’m currently working on activities for another history project and one of those ideas is for the students to make a story book/felt book of some of the lessons they are learning in history to help remind them of what they’ve learned (and it could become a good study tool).

I don’t have the pattern pieces for this page made yet, but I will.   Also, I hand-sewed most of the page, but when I got down to the end I was in a rush and I used hot glue to finish Mr. Bell.  I don’t think you can tell too much of a difference between him and his wife, other than that she has thread lines all around her body (smile).    I will be posting the pattern pieces in pdf format later on, though, so make sure to check back if you are interested in making something like this.

Also, instead of cutting out and sewing all the little pieces of the airplane, you could just use fabric paint (like I did for J.A.McCurdy in the plane’s seat).  Sewing took a long time and if I had glued and used fabric paint it probably would have taken half the time.  But this was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to putting together a “History” quiet book for Little Man.  I imagine I’ll take my time doing it as I also want to make a Bible one and an Alphabet one for him.  But, even if he’s 5 before I get anywhere close to finishing it, at least he’ll still be a step ahead, right?

Silver Dart Quiet Page Blog

Felt People

   This book is extremely user-friendly.  Most of the pieces are move-able.  Just the cloud, hills, and ice are permanently sewed on.

Mr. and Mrs. Bell look pretty snazy!

Cups Pot Crate Ladle BlogI made cups, a pot (of hot chocolate from the book), a ladle, and a crate for it all to sit on.

Silver Dart Plane Blog   Here is the Silver Dart  (I may have to re-work some of the pictures as they somehow came out in these square button pics from picmonkey…one of those grrrr moments, lol).  You can see my fabric painted Mr. McCurdy waving to the crowd from his seat.

In PocketsAnd everything fits snugly into little pockets.  The plane fits into the cloud, the cups, pot, crate, and ladle fit on one side of the icy lake, and Mr. and Mrs. Bell on the other side.  I did put stitches down the center because I’ve found that two smaller pockets tend to hold the pieces in better than one large one.   I used a bit of green for the hills and added some snow on top  (the book doesn’t have any snow on the hills, but the lake is frozen…didn’t seem right to me, so I had to add snow!).

I had a lot of fun making this…and, in reality, it probably took about two days to make.  If I had glued it, I could have had it done in a day.   Let me know what you all think!

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