Theo–a Children’s Movie Review and a Giveaway

I am deviating from my top ten list today to bring you a review of the Theo movies.  I told you a bit about them when I first introduced the giveaway at the beginning of the month but I wanted to tell you as much about this series as I can without giving away the best parts.

The creator, Michael Joens, became a Christian in 1972.  He’s used his love of cartooning in many, various, well-known shows, directing and producing secular ones like “My Little Pony” and Christian ones like “McGee and Me” and “Adventures in Odyssey”.

After holding on to his “Theo” dream for more than 30 years, he finally felt that God was opening the door for him to produce Theo Presents.  And I am so glad he did.

There are at least 13 lessons over 4 DVD’s with a Bonus lesson on each one (The Good News).

We just received Lessons 11-13 in the mail last night and Little Man is glued to the TV while his breakfast sits untouched on his lap (no, we don’t normally watch tv during breakfast, this is a special occasion, wink).    These are the same ones that I am giving away.  They include:

* Abiding in Christ

* Light Unto My Path

*What Is the Church?

*BONUS: The Good News

God's Truth (Volume 4) Home Edition - DVD

The Home Edition DVD that I am giving away includes a booklet with devotional ideas for three weeks that correspond to the lessons.  There are also bonus materials on the dvd for parents to help guide discussion on what your children have watched.  Each lesson is just 10 minutes (so if you like to curb how much TV your child watches (like I do) they can watch an episode and then be sent off to play without losing too much of their day.

Probably the only down-side to these videos is that the Scripture recited is not KJV.  (To be honest, I hate writing those words because I try to keep in perspective that the King James is a translation just like the others.  Though I do believe it is the best translation out there and we use it in our home, I do use and read materials that quote other translations (depending on the translation).  However, I know that some of my readers do not appreciate anything other than the KJV and I do feel the need to be honest about these facts when reviewing products.)

Picture of Theo

I believe the version used is the ESV and while watching the videos I found that when verses were quoted they were close enough to the KJV that the meaning of the verse was not lost (as it is in some translations).

Overall, I find the information that the character, Theo, gives to children is Biblically accurate and simple enough for young children to understand.  Many parents on the website have written that their children from ages 2 to 10 all enjoyed them, so they cover a wide range of ages as well.  I plan on buying the first three DVDs at some point so that Little Man (and his soon-to-be sibling) have a good selection of “Christian” videos to keep them entertained while teaching them truths that I want them to know.

These DVD sets also include lesson plans for children’s church (I haven’t looked at those so I can’t tell you what they all entail), and the website also has some free products that you can download for your children (colouring pages, etc).

The DVD’s are $14.99 each plus shipping (which I think is a good deal considering what you’re getting).Picture of Luther the mouse

I truly believe that Michael Joens has created something unique and professional for children.  I’ve had numerous chats lately with parents over supposedly “Christian” videos where swear words were used, vegetables teach warped versions of Bible stories, and many more.   It’s sad that we can’t find good-quality videos with Christian themes for our children today.  I encourage you to support this company and I look forward to watching the rest of Theo Presents.

Picture of Belfry the mouse* Check your local library for these videos…I found the Theo Presents God’s Grace DVD at our library which is how I found out about them.  It included lessons on the Armour of God, Redemption, and New Birth.

And because I’m such a nice person, lol, I am opening up this Giveaway to anyone who wants to enter!  I had originally said it was just for those who subscribe by email…and I am giving those who do an automatic entry.   But after discussing this with various people, I realized it wasn’t fair to MAKE people sign up to receive my posts by email since our emails are already getting cluttered by so many other things.

So, if you subscribe by email to my blog, you get an automatic entry into the Giveaway.  If you don’t subscribe (or if you want to earn additional entries), leave me a comment on the bottom of this blog post and let me know if you’ve found any other “good” videos out there for Christian kids to watch (or if you haven’t). =(

Giveaway ends April 30th, 12.00 am.       * GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED *


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