What A Son Needs From His Mom–Book Review

What a Son Needs From His Mom

I mentioned before that I don’t often review non-fiction books from Bethany House Publishers.  But, when I saw this one, I really wanted to read it.  And I haven’t been disappointed.

Cheri Fuller is a new author to me.  I’d never heard of her until this book.  However, she has proved to be an author that can hold your attention while providing you with the information you need.

This book will help moms of all ages to know how to respond to the way their sons tick.  We all know that boys are different from girls and Cheri helps us unravel the mysteries between our sexes.   As moms we know how and why girls act the way they do, but boys are a totally different matter.  Learn about having a better prayer life, about getting rid of irrational fears in our lives, and about helping our sons through school activities.

Every mother of a son will want to read this book.   I guarantee there is something for all of us to learn!

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