Prayer, Raising Children, and a Freebie

Raising Godly Children

I’m currently reading a book titled, “What  Son Needs From His Mom” by Cheri Fuller.  If you have a son this is a MUST-READ.  I have been so encouraged as I read through this.  Boys are so different from girls!  But, there are a lot of things in the book that can translate across gender, namely the subject of prayer.

As Christians we are constantly taught the importance of prayer, but I don’t think it always sinks in.  At least not with me.  I’ve been learning a lot about prayer lately, and this book has solidified a lot of that teaching.

Chapter 5 of the book is on moms praying for their sons.  In it, Cheri gives ways you can weave prayer into your daily life if you feel you are too busy to sit down and spend that “hour” in prayer (as the song “Sweet Hour of Prayer” implies).    She gives you a way, throughout your whole day, of seeing moments of prayer.  From praying for that person in the ambulance who drives by to praying that your son’s footsteps would remain on God’s path as you pick up his shoes after tripping over them.  Such practical ways to pray.

And, as I thought through this post, I even saw how school teachers or day care workers could apply this principle to their classrooms.  This is not something that is unique to mothers.

As I work through this concept of prayer, I decided that I needed something tangible to help me think through each day how to pray effectively for my son.  So I created a prayer calendar for children that we can use to pray character and godliness on our children.

When I was a child, my mother taught me how to embroider using a set of little pictures that showed bumble bees doing something with words above them, eg. Bee Busy, etc.  I created my calendar with the same idea.  Although not all of the values on it have “be” in front of them you can get the idea.  These are things we want for our children, or for them to be.  Things like choosing a godly mate when they are older, following God’s will for their lives, and having a real relationship with Him.  We want them to be honest, be content, be thankful, etc.   Each one has Scripture verses that go with it, so you can see how to Biblically pray for your children.Prayer and Raising Children - free printable. #freeprintable. #quietworkings #whateverysonneeds

I hope that this little tool will help you with daily prayer as I’m hoping it will me.  And if you get tired of praying the same things over and over each month (I’ve made it for 30 days).  You can find other lists out there and switch up which list you pray each month.

To download, click on the picture.

For more lists you can check out:

31 Ways to Pray for Your Children, and

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Understand that the lists may overlap in some areas.  That’s the nature of praying for your children.  We all want the same things for them. =)

Have a wonderful, praying Monday, Everyone!

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