The Tutor’s Daughter

I love reviewing books for Bethany House Publishers.  This company has to be one of my favorites when it comes to Christian fiction because you know that you’re going to get good quality along with a good story.  This book, by Julie Klassen, was no exception.

“The Tutor’s Daughter” is about a young daughter determined to help her father regain his standing as a tutor in society after the death of his wife.  They take a position in a household where she meets up with two brothers that attended the school her father previously ran.  After their arrival to teach the two younger sons, mysterious things begin to happen causing the daughter to wonder if they should have taken the position.  As the danger mounts she wonders which of the two older brothers she can really trust.  Which one is at fault and which one deserves her love?

The mystery story behind this novel was GREAT.  I love mysteries, so I’m thrilled when I can pick one up and not figure out the ending until it happens.  The author did an amazing job with the mystery side of it.

I wasn’t as thrilled with the romance side.  I would love it if Christian fiction would stick to mystery or historical events, etc, and just leave the romance out of it!  Right from the beginning it was there and throughout the whole book it was all the main character dwelled on.  Klassen could have used a lighter hand when it came to the romance side of this book.

Overall, though, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and will keep it on my shelves to read again some day.

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