Educational Quiet Book Pages

I know, I know.  Everything is about educational these days.  These particular pages I wouldn’t use in a toddler book.  They were pages that I added to the books I made for the two pre-school-aged girls.  I got the idea from   It isn’t actually a quiet book page but I adapted THIS:


to make THESE:

Christmas 2012 010                  Christmas 2012 014


In the first, the cookie jar hold the 26 circles.  I used fabric paint to put the letters of the alphabet on (both upper and lower case).  The idea is to match the upper and lower case letters.  In order to create less bulk I painted the upper case letters on one side and the lower case on the opposite side of the felt circle.  The pieces will stick to the page so there shouldn’t be a ton of circles flopping all over (that’s the hope anyway).

In the second, I made a cone for the ice cream circles to sit in.  Then I made box to the right of it to keep the extra pieces. 

I like these pages, but again, I probably wouldn’t create one for my 18mo old to play with, hehe.  I don’t think he would quite “get it” just yet. =)

What other educational quiet book pages have you seen or thought of?


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