Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair!


When I was creating quiet books before Christmas I wanted to give the two little girls each a “hair” page.  BUT, I wanted them both to be different.  I didn’t want to give the girls the exact same books.  So, even though a few pages were the same, I did manage to make these pages different for them.

Book #1

I know in this household that the movie “Tangled” was a big hit.  So when I saw a page similar to the one I created I knew it was what I wanted to do.  Again, I was a little limited as to colours, but I think this page worked up great!

Christmas 2012 009

I created a tower and used the window to secure the pieces of yarn used for hair.  I added some hair clips (from the Dollar Store) that she can use to play with her Rapunzel’s hair.


Book #2

Now for the other book, the mother had expressed an interest in a Bible page that I had previously blogged about so I knew I was going to use it. 


Christmas 2012 015

I created a silhouette of a face and added an eyebrow, eyes/lashes and lips.  Then, before I hot-glued the head to the page, I took my strands of black yarn and hot-glued them to the under-side of the head.  She actually has some shorter pieces for bangs but I pulled them back into the braid before I took the picture.  I then added hair clips to this one as well.

I really like these pages and, they have the added benefit of being somewhat educational. They’re allowing the girls to learn certain mechanical skills through braiding hair, etc.  I have a couple other “educational” pages to share with you as well…so make sure to join me next week for another installment of our quiet book pages.

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    1. Hi Girls! =)

      I’ve been checking out your blog, too, since I read in your mom’s Christmas letter that you had one. I’m glad you liked the page. This is just one of many that I did for some Quiet Books for some children to use in church, the doctor’s office, etc. I’ve posted two previous ones as well in earlier posts and there are a few more pages coming. I’m hoping to keep making these and try different pages. Miss you too!

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