I often have obsessions that get me through each day, week, month.  You know what I’m talking about.  That craft that you just have to make over and over (even though you’ve run out of people to gift it to).  That cookie that is soooo good you make batch after batch (even through your waistline gets mad at you!).   Yes, obsessions.

This Christmas my obsession was quiet books.  I made four of them for some children in our church.  If I’d had more felt I’d probably have done more, too!  My fabric store does not carry a great selection of felt so Walmart was my only choice.  Although I’ve noticed that a number of people who make quiet books actually buy theirs online (it’s a thought for another day).   Soooo, long story short….I was very limited in what I made.  Using the same colours over and over, lol.

On Sunday I shared with you my music page.  As you can see I used fabric paint to add some things to it.  I noticed some people had used sharpies but I don’t like how they bleed.  The only down-side to fabric paint is that takes about 24 hours to completely dry.  So it’s pretty much a one page at a time kind of thing.

I would also like to say that if you like something you see, feel free to message me and ask me to make you one (for a small fee, lol).   But, I do enjoy making these and I have a number of other Bible pages that I plan on trying out this year.  I didn’t make D one yet because he is still a little small to really grasp how to use it.  I’d rather keep it in one piece, lol.

Christmas 2012 008

I’m sad this is hard to see….but this is my Noah’s Ark page.  I did one of these in each book.  Although one of the books is missing the garden page.   I made a moutain, a tree, grass, and bushes.  Part of them are not glued down so that the animals can hide in them ie: the tree branches, behind the mountain, inside a bush, behind the tree trunk.

On the Ark page, I added some water and a few rain drops. There is a little slit along the front of the dark part where the animals can fit inside the ark.

I do have to say, I used a template from another source (it was a downloadable pattern book for quiet pages that I cannot find again! grr) and I don’t like it as much as this one from Laura Thoughts.   So I think next time I will try it a little differently.

Christmas 2012 018

For this page and the one above I found foam animals at walmart that I backed with felt.  It was actually difficult cutting around the legs and took way too long.  But they did turn out pretty cute.

Christmas 2012 023

This one did not have the garden page and it was for a younger boy so I attached each animal to a string, and all the strings are attached to one piece so that you can’t go dropping them all over the floor.   I actually did the same for the two boys (same age) that received books.

Christmas 2012 028

When they’re in the book, they do look a little messy and we’ll see how the boys deal with untangling the strings.   I’m not sure I like this idea…but I do like the idea of the string so that, as stated earlier, the animals aren’t falling all over the floor.  I might just attach the strings to different parts of the page so that they’re not all jumbled together.

Also, in these two books I used animal templates to make the animals out of felt.  This also took a great amount of time.  I also put the faces on with fabric paint (so another 24 hour drying wait).   I found that some of the animals are little bigger than the ark so they don’t fit well.  I wasn’t impressed with them a ton.  But they worked.   These were the animals from Laura Thoughts (see link above) so they might fit better in the ark that she has.   I think her pages are also bigger, so that could account for some of the size issue.   I might try following hers next time I try this page.

Overall, though, I had fun making these.  My husband was not so impressed as we’re still finding little pieces of felt (D had fun playing with the scraps) EVERYWHERE! hehe   But I am definitely going to be making more.  And maybe seeing if I can find more colours of felt somewhere to create more options for myself.

I’ll be posting more of my pages every once in a while so check back for some more great ideas for quiet books.


For His Glory,


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