Sing Unto the Lord

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Music is a part of my life.  It always has been.  When I was younger, my friends and I would sometimes discuss what part of our body we couldn’t do without.  I always said my ears.  If I couldn’t hear music I felt like my life would be over.

When I was designing quiet books for some children in my church, I knew I wanted to incorporate this music page that I had seen here.  I made it a little different, using a different page name and verse and making it two pages with lots of extra notes but the idea is the same.

There are so many verses on music and choirs in the Bible, I think one day I am going to do a study on them (hmmm, maybe something to look into for later on this year).    I just love how the Lord loves music as well.

For those of you who feel you can’t sing…let me tell you, as a choir director, as a church pianist, lift up your voice anyways!   Do you know how amazing music sounds when there are more than 2 or 3 people singing?  It doesn’t matter how well you sing…it’s the swell of voices.  My heart just overflows when I hear such majestic sounds, passion coming from each voice.

I’ve had the chance to hear a few choirs in my short 30 years.  Everything from professionals singing Handel’s Messiah to simple church choirs of less than 10 people singing with gusto!   And I never cease to be uplifted by each one.  So don’t focus on your voice, focus on praising the God who gave it to you!  And don’t be intimidated by people who “sing better”.   Remember that God created each one of us uniquely…just LIFT UP YOUR VOICE AND SING UNTO THE LORD!

Happy Lord’s Day Everyone!

For His Glory,


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