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Fabric Softener Crystals

I’ve been talking to a lot of my friends about this fabulous “make your own” idea that I found online a few weeks ago.    After one week of washing my clothes with sea salt in my detergent I was sold!

I don’t use fabric softener sheets because my skin is very sensitive and I itch, a lot, if I use fabric softener on my clothes.  So we’ve been going without fabric softener for months now.    I never realized what a difference fabric softener makes on your clothes, though!

We don’t suffer from static so I never thought it was much of an issue.   After I’d been using the salts in my laundry for about a week I noticed that my clothes actually FELT softer.   I don’t know if I can explain how incredible that feels.   And I never knew there was any difference.

I found this wonderful website called “One Good Thing by Jillee”.   She is a self-proclaimed laundry buff.  I’m talking  tons of posts on laundry.  From make-your-own fabric softener, to laundry detergent, to these softener “crystals”, you will be amazed at the different recipes.  And she tries them all out herself before posting about it, so she knows what she is talking about.

Now one thing my friends have been asking is about the static cling problem.  As I stated earlier, we don’t have issues with static.  Maybe it’s our home-made detergent, I don’t know, but I’d forgotten it even existed until they started asking me how the crystals worked on static cling.

At the bottom of this post on how to make the crystals, Jillee does say that she noticed a difference in the static cling issue.   For what it would cost for you to add a tablespoon of Epsom or sea salts to your wash, I’d say it’s worth trying.

Now, I also had one friend tell me that her husband loves his clothes to “smell” good.  I like that, too.  However, I’m not willing to pay the price for a package of Purex crystals or the other brand (can’t think of the name right now).   Jillee recommends adding essential oils to your salts.   And it totally works.  It won’t be as strong as the Purex brand, but I love my clothes having a nice soft scent to them now.    I used to add the essential oils to my detergent but never found that it actually worked on adding a scent to my clothes…for some reason, adding the oils to the salts, works!  I’m sold.  And, seriously, soooo much cheaper than store-bought varieties.

For those of you who still buy your detergent and your fabric softener you honestly do not know how much money you can save by making your own.   One nice thing about a lot of Jillee’s posts are that she breaks down the cost for you at the end so you can see how much you’re saving.  AND, home-made detergent is easier on your clothes.  You’ll find that your whites stay white longer, and your brights, bright, lol.  Seriously, I will never go back to buying store-bought laundry products again.


And, in honour of Crochet Month, I have a sneak peek at what is coming.  I’m hoping it will be done at the end of the month.  I have been working on two different crochet projects AND two different sewing projects, besides baking, etc.  So, I’m trying to prioritize what I want done first.  My sewing projects are kind of top of the list since I’m making a dress for Resurrection Sunday (it so better be warm, let me tell you!) and I’m finishing up some maternity jean skirts that were redo’s from pants that weren’t comfy.  The skirts are sooooo amazing.  So happy with comfy these days…and long, to ward off those chilly winds.

So…here’s the picture…and it totally has something to do with the one I posted two weeks ago here.

Make your own fabric softener crystals.  And check out these neat crocheted angel wings    #QuietWorkings   #Crochet  #FabricSoftener

And no, it’s not a half-finished doily, lol.

Happy Crafty, Everyone!  =)

Monday Minutes

It’s Monday and it’s March!   I can’t believe we are already into the third month of 2013.  It seems the older I get the faster time flies.  This month is national crochet month…whoot, whoot.  I have finally gotten back into crocheting, just in time.  I am working on a large project and can’t wait to share it with my readers!  It will be something that will be offered in my shop.  Each week I am going to post a sneak peak pic of what I’m working on.  We’ll see if you can figure it out before the end of the month.

And, this is our last month for our 90 Days Thru the Bible series.  We have finished 60 days.  We finished the first three gospels last week and today starts the book of John.  I will tell you that the book of Acts is my absolute favorite book.  I have read it more than any other book in the Bible.  I love history and the history of the early church is so fascinating to me.  When I was in college I had to write a report on how Paul traveled when he took his missionary journeys, looking at the topography of the land, etc…and how long it would have taken him to walk between cities.  Certainly makes the Bible seem more real when people become “real” people in your mind.  I’ve been considering doing the same with Jesus’ ministry.  Charting where He went, what cities He stayed in, etc.  I’m a teacher at heart, what can I say?  Doing research is my favorite past-time. =)   Anyway, I am definitely looking forward to this week’s Scripture passages.

I’m also excited about joining in on Blogging Across Canada (if I’m able to participate) from Reading with Mrs. D.

  Unfortunately, she claimed Nova Scotia, but, I’m hoping I can fill in somewhere.  Or at least get in on the final product.  If you are interested, she is looking for bloggers from each province to share a book that represents their province and an activity, etc that students can use to get into the book on a deeper level.   I think it’s an absolutely neat idea and would love to do something similar on my blog some day.  (Sneak peak into the future…I’m going to be talking to educators for the whole month of June!).   I would love to hear from you if you have ideas, etc. on what I can include in posts.

And, that is our Monday Minutes for this week.  Come back on Wednesday to check out your sneak peak of what’s happening in crochetland. =)

Happy Monday Everyone!

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