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I am so glad you decided to check out my site.  I love sharing with people and making new friends.  Please feel free to leave me a comment so that I can get to know you.

I am a stay-at-home mom with a heart to see my children live for God while learning to use the imagination that God gave me.  Here you’ll find lots of ideas for crafts (I love sharing what I’ve done) and sewing as well ideas on teaching and my thoughts from spending time with God.

Do you want to hear my story?  Keep reading!


I grew up in a Christian home with two, wonderful, loving parents.  They weren’t perfect but they worked hard to make sure we had a love for God and for each other as family.

I attended a Christian school (with 2 years of homeschool in the middle there) from K – 12.  My parents worked hard to make sure that we were given as many opportunities as possible even though we didn’t attend public.  I was able to take a short art class from a renowned artist, violin lessons, attend Fine Arts festivals, and so much more.

They also instilled in me a strong work ethic and a love for mission work.  When I was 15, I went with my dad to Mexico on a missions trip with my church.  We enjoyed a week of passing out tracts (some sight-seeing of course), and teaching the local church people how to disciple new believers.  At the age of 19, I was able to join a missions team from the States that went to Venezuela and Ecuador.  We spent a month there, passing out tracts, working at a Christian camp ground, and helping out at a deaf school.  These were amazing experiences and shaped much of who I am today.

I attended a Christian college in Canada where I received a bachelors degree in religious education.  I then began a masters of arts course before my life really began to change.

In the fall of 2006, a good missionary friend asked me to join her in Liberia, West Africa for two months while I tried to sort out the direction my life was taking.  Here I was able to help another missionary family with home school, volunteer at the local clinic, work in outreach ministries, and visit orphanages.  To this day, my heart is still in those orphanages.   It’s not the Lord’s timing for me to go that direction at this time, but I still pray that one day I might have the opportunity to be involved in that type of work.

When I came home nothing was the same.  The masters course I was taking didn’t seem right, and the ministry I was in at my church didn’t seem like enough.

A friend of mine encouraged me to go to Forest Glen Bible Camp the following summer to work on staff there in Nova Scotia.  And that is where I often feel my life began.  I spent a lot of time with another friend on the weekends that summer talking about life.  One weekend she asked if I would move to Nova Scotia and share expenses with her while she attended college.  I didn’t see any difference in working fast food in Ontario or fast food in Nova Scotia, so after discussing it with my parents, I decided it was the right move to make.

Since then I have been very involved in the ministry of Forest Glen Bible Camp.  I had the opportunity to teach elementary school for two years at a Christian school and as a substitute for one year.  I met my husband and got married and now have two children.  I now work as a stay-at-home mom on this blog and in ministry at my church where I am in charge of the music.  I am so thankful for the opportunities God has given me and the lessons He’s taught me.

My prayer is that through this blog I can share a part of my heart with you, my readers.  I’m quirky, a total mix of contradictions at times, but fully in love with my Lord.  I look forward to making new friends and meeting you all some day.

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