Becoming Mom Strong

Becoming Mom Strong #heidistjohn #quietworkings

“Time flies when you’re having fun.”  My mom used to say this all the time.  And the meaning was clear, whenever you are doing something really enjoyable the time goes by fast and you wish you could spend more time doing it.  Sometimes I think that’s what motherhood is all about.  We enjoy it so much that the time seems fly and we wish for it back when the days of babies and toddlers is gone.


And then, there are the days where I think that the swift passage of time is really God’s gift to us, as mothers, to help us see past the discipline and monotony of life with kids (and especially as stay-at-home moms).


Whatever it is, I feel like this year has literally flown past.  Here it is coming up on Thanksgiving and I feel like I have missed so much of this year!  I don’t know where it has gone.  Having a little boy start grade 1 this year while caring for a baby (moving to toddler stage) has brought its own set of challenges…and I can’t forget my adorable mini me, Little Miss.


As a mom, some days I feel like I’m failing at this venture.  Attitudes surface (from both mom and children) and some days can be storms to navigate in that arena.  So when it came to this new book I was actually hesitant to sign up as part of Heidi St John’s launch team.  I didn’t think I had anything else to pour out.

Becoming Mom Strong #heidistjohn #quietworkings

However, I felt the Lord was leading me to join and I did at the last minute.  It was really neat to be a part of her launch team for the past month – what a wonderful group of women to get to know.


Plus, the book is – WOW.  Seriously.


I love Ms St John’s heart to see women back in the Bible and looking to the Lord for help.  Her book, Becoming Mom Strong, is full of Scripture and encouragement for women.  I literally could only read 1 or 2 chapters at time, because there was so much to glean from what she wrote that I needed to be able to take it in before moving on.

Heidi St John uses the Bible to show us how to counteract today’s culture.  How do we deal with drama or grief Biblically? How do we remind ourselves that the Lord says we are warriors?  How do we fight for the hearts of our children and husbands?


The answer is quite simple – through the Word of God.


Over the years I think we’ve stripped God’s Word of its power and given that power to the people around us.  We expect them to hold us up, be everything that we need them to be, and when they fail, we fail.  But it doesn’t have to be like that!     We’re all going to have moments (and Heidi St John has her’s too – you’ll enjoy the stories she tells of her own “moments” and how she overcame them) where we fail at this thing called Mothering – but we win the battle by fighting back and not letting our own fears, the devil, or the culture of today dictate our response to situations.

Becoming Mom Strong #heidistjohn #quietworkings

And we use the Word, by knowing the Word.


Something I’ve been doing this year is called Scripture writing.  Heidi St John sends out an email once a month with Scripture references for each day, usually based around a theme (September’s is “Being Wise”) with 3+ verses (it takes about 10 minutes) to write out.  It has encouraged me to “see” more of my Bible – not just blindly reading a passage each morning – and has allowed me to grasp a bit more of what being Mom Strong means.


Becoming Mom Strong is full of relatable moments from Heidi’s own life that show us we can be “real” but also show how the Lord is tught her from those moments – so that she didn’t wallow in the “realness” of the moment.  I love that she doesn’t focus on the horrible things that happened, the focus, instead, is on how she used them to turn her thoughts to the Lord and in doing so, changed her attitude as well.


I really think this is a must-have read.  And I don’t even think it’s just for moms.  Whenever I read books like this I often think of those women in my life who the Lord has not given children of their own to.  I hate the titles because of this, but the content is not just for women with children.  It’s for all women.  While there are a lot of “mom” quotes in the book, there is so much more to it and the principles of the book apply to every one of us.


I told you all on Facebook that I wish I could buy you all a copy of this book – it’s that good!  Unfortunately, the Lord has not blessed me with that amount of money – hah.  Ask for it for a birthday gift or for Christmas – this book is too good to not get.

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