Brooklyn and Courtney: a Musical Duet

I’m always on the lookout for nice, quiet music to play around my house.  With a 5-yr old, 3-yr old, and a newbborn, it can get pretty loud at times.  I like to have peace and sometimes I crave the quiet (like being up at 6am when everyone is still sleeping even though I’ve been up most of the night).

I was really excited when I saw this cd was coming out.  As a family, we have enjoyed THIS family’s music for a number of years.  I have always loved hearing the girls play their violins, whether live, or on tv, or on cds.  They are a delight to watch and it often makes me wish I had someone to play with.  I love playing in harmony with other people and hated doing solos when I was growing up.

Violin music has never been a top play in my home.  I’m just not huge into classical music. Some of the music I can handle, but only in small doses.  Fiddle music is great, but again, you can only handle so much of that at one time.  Especially if you’re looking for peace and quiet.  Fiddle music does not always fit that requirement.

A few years back, a friend who took lessons from the same teacher I did growing up (and who became my teacher later on) made a gorgeous cd with a harpist.  Wow.  That one I could listen to over and over (did you know that music has therapeutic qualities?)

The key here?  Much of the music was sacred.  I could listen to instrumental hymns all. day. long.

This particular cd, Brooklyn & Courtney, is not completely sacred.  However, the pieces all fit together so well.  Including the Bach piece that they put with Great Is Our Lord.   The cd has been on repeat almost every day for the last month (since I got it).   I’m not always “listening” to it, but it is so calming to have on in the background.

The day I got the cd, we headed out in the car to go shopping while Little Man was out for the evening.   Little Miss, from the back seat, piped up, “Can you turn up the music?”

Melt my heart.   I plan on teaching her violin and maybe one day her and I can play together.  I can dream, right?

Seriously, though, with songs like, “At the Cross”, “What a Friend We Have In Jesus,” and “No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus” this cd draws a particular thought out.   Add in some secular pieces like “Lover’s Waltz” (one of my personal favorites and one that I’ve played at a a few weddings), “The Prayer, ” and “Let There Be Peace,” and you have a cd that is sure to become a favorite in your home as well.

Amanda Cunningham

Amanda worked as a full-time school teacher for two years before getting married and having two wonderful kids.She blogs about faith, family, food, and fun.While crafting takes up a lot of her extra time, Amanda also strives to help others through ministry in her church and in the community.Amanda, also known as Mae, works as the church music director and is hoping to start tutoring and teaching music again in the days to come.

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