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Sunday morning I was privileged to be in my mother-in-law’s church. We were visiting for Mother’s Day weekend and had a wonderful time with her and her church. I was also able to sing in the morning service. I enjoy having someone to play piano for me, it doesn’t happen often so I take advantage of it when I can. It’s nice to continue to be asked to sing there even after less-than-stellar performances.

In Sunday school, the pastor’s wife is going through a series, and, honestly, I wish I could be there every Sunday. She is going through hymns and showing doctrinal truths from the Bible that are in the hymns. We did a little bit of this in college. I remember being assigned a hymn and we had to find a Bible verse for every section of the verses, very similar to what Mrs Lavender is doing with the ladies. At the time I didn’t appreciate the assignment (sorry, Mrs Baker), but now I am so inspired.

I love the hymns and I love looking through old hymn books at the songs I don’t know. When I first moved to the Valley area of Nova Scotia, I learned a new hymn every single Sunday for the first year (and that is not an exaggeration). I couldn’t believe there were so many hymns I didn’t know! I love them now, and sometimes when I hear certain ones it reminds me of different song leaders from that church.

Sometimes, though, I think we forget that many of the hymns are based on Scripture and what those Scriptures mean to our faith. The hymns are being phased out and replaced with “newer” songs. I have nothing against new songs, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t believe as many of them are as steeped in Bible as the old ones are.


The last year I taught at a Christian school, I used Bob Jones’ Bible curriculum with them. In it they teach the children a hymn. I think it’s one a month, I can’t remember for sure. I thought it was a great idea. And I think teaching them the Bible verses that go with them would be even more beneficial.

As I think about starting school with my Little Man this year (ahhhh!), I am looking forward to teaching him hymns. He already knows quite a few, one of our favorite cds is all hymns and his personal favorite is “Since Jesus Came Into My Heart.” I am so glad he enjoys them and I hope his love for the hymns continues as he grows older.

What is your favorite hymn or hymns?

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