The Mystery Continues – The Curse of Oak Island

The Mystery Continues - The Curse of Oak Island #QuietWorkings

Years ago, when I first found out about the mystery surrounding Oak Island (a small island not far from where I live), I was completely fascinated with the various stories and myths surrounding it.  I’ve blogged about it twice (see here and here) and to date, last year’s blog post received the most hits on my blog of any post I wrote.  Since then I’ve had people mock my absorption with the story, making fun of the numerous treasure seekers who have worked to uncover the mystery surrounding Oak Island.  Does it bother me?  Not one bit!  They also mock my love of history – but history is what makes a people.  God used history numerous times to make a point in the Bible.  Paul and Peter used history in their sermons to get an idea across to the people they were ministering to.  History is amazing!  History is alive.  And truly, our lives would be boring without history.  The Bible itself is history and from it we learn so many things about our past that is proven through archaeology.

The Curse of Oak Island is really one of Nova Scotia’s greatest archaeological digs to date.  It is probably one of the longest-running as well if I may be so bold as to state that.  There are continuous clues that bring them just a hair closer to the truth each time they dig, but they never seem to get to an actual break-through.  I’m curious as to whether or not Nova Scotians will actually learn of new revelations before they are aired in next season’s episodes if they do manage to find anything conclusive.  It seems to me some of these things should be making headlines, when not one word is printed about this dig, ever.

As the reality show finishes it’s third season, the clues and artifacts they have found continue to peak my interest.  My biggest dream one day would be to actually visit Oak Island, see the stones with the engravings, and discuss the findings with those who have worked so hard to uncover the island’s secret.

To this day, I don’t really care if they actually find treasure anywhere on the island, my fascination with the story stems from the historical viewpoint.  I want to know the who, what, where, when, and why of the story.  Whether or not anything remains hidden is not important.  The facts remain that SOMEONE created an intense network of tunnels beneath this small island.  SOMEONE worked hard to create a mystery for future generations to become interested in.  SOMEONE wanted to hide SOMETHING in an extremely unique way.

The Mystery WHO:

This is definitely one of the biggest questions right now.  There are various schools of thought going from believable to unbelievable very quickly.  When I originally read about Oak Island (see my review of the book, The Secret Treasure of Oak Island) I learned that people attributed the treasure to everyone from Captain Kidd to William Shakespeare (or Francis Bacon, if you follow that he actually wrote Shakespeare’s plays).   Some of the theories seem ridiculous to me but are held to by many people.  My personal belief remains the same as it did when I wrote my first blog post about this mystery and the proof for this theory seems to be building with every episode that airs on History television.  That belief is that the island’s mystery was created by the Masons.

The Masons are one group of people that I am pretty much a conspiracy theorist about.  I don’t believe everything I hear about them, but I can believe a lot.  There is so much mystery surrounding them.   So many “conspiracy theories” have been proven true regarding them.  It’s not too much of a stretch to place them on that island burying some sort of treasure.

The Mystery WHAT:

This is one thing I have no clue about.  I really don’t know what would be so important that someone would want to build an elaborate system of tunnels and caverns on a remote island off the coast of what would have been called the “New World” in that time period.  Is it treasure from Solomon’s Temple?  That’s what many believe the Masons would have been hiding (or Knights Templar as they would have been called during that era).   I don’t know.  That seems a little far-fetched to me.  But so does someone building such a system for the original works of Shakespeare.

I’m not even sure that anything is still there.  One episode from this season talks about a freed slave that became one of the wealthiest land owners on Oak Island.  There are serious questions as to how a simple farmer could have become so wealthy, and why he spent so much money to buy one of the lots on the island and then never touched it to farm it (that they know of).  Did he find the treasure or part of it and sell it?  There are always way more questions than answers in regards to this mystery.

I plan on blogging more about this little island and it’s mystery this year – so keep an eye out for more posts.  You wouldn’t believe how many people this mystery has captured.  I can’t wait to see where it goes in the rest of season 3 (which I’m sure some of you already know – since I’m following along behind).


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