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Today’s homemade gift is an item that I love having in my house but can’t seem to keep alive.  That item is a plant.  I LOVE having fresh herbs growing in my house.  There is just something about having a live plant.  I’ve heard that it actually boosts the hormone in your body that makes you have a good mood.  Plants can also clean the air in your home. So making one for a friend would kill two birds with one stone as they say.  There are lots of fabulous ideas floating around in cyberspace about plant giving – from packaged seeds to the actual plant.

Check out my Pinterest board for some really neat ideas.  There is something for everyone.  From painted pots, to seed bombs, to forced bulbs.    I love all the different ideas.  I think my favorite are the plants grown in tea cups.  I love tea cups.  Someone gave me a tiny plant a couple weeks ago (mini mums) and you could totally re-pot them in a tea cup for added appeal.  Those mums look really pretty on my kitchen windowsill, by the way.

Homemade With Love Plants

Isn't that pot gorgeous?
Isn’t that pot gorgeous?

Last year someone I know went on a missions trip to South America and she brought me back gorgeous pots that you can either hang on your wall or sit on a shelf.  I found an African Violet cheap at Walmart and just put the whole thing, pot and all, in it.  (African Violets are supposed to be impossible to kill – talk to my mom about that one!).   We always had an African Violet in our house growing up.  I have no idea where my mom had gotten the plants from originally but one of my memories of growing up is her watering her plants once a week.  I don’t do well with plants inside but so far my African Violet is doing really well.  I impressHandmade With Love Cherry Tomato Planted even myself there!

Something else that would make a neat, practical gift would be a cherry tomato plant in a large planter.  I just transplanted one from my garden to a pot to see if it would last a little longer and it seems to be doing well so far (read: it’s still alive 5 days later).  Can I tell you how seriously happy it makes me every time I walk past it in my entryway?  Just think about gifting that to someone.  Bring on the happy hormones!

Seed packets are a great, cheap gift.  When you don’t have a lot of money for gifts for other people, seed packets or seed bombs would make a great idea.  And if you have kids, making seed bombs together would be such a fun activity.  I love how some people just carry seed bombs with them and drop them in areas that don’t have a lot of greenery, just to bring some cheer to dark spots.   Such a fun idea.  And flowers are so great for our environment.  Depending on the types of wildflowers you include you can encourage bees and butterflies to frequent areas where they seem to be going extinct.  We need bees and butterflies to keep our trees and flowers pollinated.  Growing a garden has made me more aware of how important those two insect our to our existence.

Succulents are a type of plant that I have not tried growing yet but I think they are adorable and I would love to add some to my house.  They are supposed to be really easy to keep and they look gorgeous.  Another idea is growing chia seeds or wheat grass.  Something super easy to grow.  Wheat grass would also have the added benefit of being used later as a health booster.  It is so easy to juice and add to smoothies, etc.  If you were going to gift a plant like that I would include instructions for using it later.

I think gifting plants is a great way to show someone you care.  A living thing that requires care in order to cultivate.  I realize some people can’t be bothered with them but, just think of getting a poinsettia in a pretty pot at Christmas.  Even if it only lasts for a couple weeks people love seeing them as centerpieces for Christmas dinner, etc.   Or for Thanksgiving:  I saw a neat idea for hollowing out a pumpkin and inserting a can with flowers in it.  How gorgeous would that be on a deck step?  And Lily of the Valley at Easter (hint: they are some of my favorite flowers!)…so gorgeous.

What kind of plants are your favorites?  Do you like having plants in your house?  Would you gift plants to someone else?


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