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Last of the Series! Quiet Book #3

I am so excited to share this last book with you.  Yes, its early, in the morning, so if there are a few mistakes you will know why.  I try to proofread more than once but one or two mistakes may slip through my foggy brain this morning.

Jonah: Quiet Book

Jonah and the Whale.

On the first page, the whale’s mouth unzips (its actually not a loud zip since its a small opening so no sound) and there is a little Jonah inside that the kids can take out and play with.  I just realized as I’m typing this that I usually put Jonah on a string so he doesn’t get lost and I never even thought about it as I was making these pages (ooops).  So Jonah is free-play, haha.  The idea for this page came from Sewing Belle Blogspot, although there were many different blogs with similar ideas for this one.

The second page is a marble maze.  Help Jonah find his way from the sea to Nineveh.  Last week I showed you the marble maze I did with fabric instead of felt.  Here is the felt version.   Again, I probably will go with fabric after this only because the felt is going to get bally and yucky pretty quickly with a little finger trying to push that marble/bead around.

Dorcas: Quiet Book Dorcas: Quiet Book







The story of Dorcas was always one of my favourites in the Bible, although many don’t know who she was. The woman’s life and death is recorded in Acts 9.  Although little is known of this woman, the Bible records that she sewed clothes for the very poor.  When she died, Peter was brought in by the church at Joppa to raise her from the dead.  What an amazing woman she  must have been to have warranted such a mourning and an amazing request from an entire church!

This page came from an old quiet book posted by Glued to Glory.   I would probably not have thought of something so simple on my own and I love it.  Not only is it helping children learn how to lace, but parents will learn something teaching their child about this wonderful story.

Armour of God: Quiet Book

A dress up page!   I made this one two-fold.  And, really, the second part of it is more for an older child who can read, although if an adult is able to they could sit and help a child with this one.  The armour of God is one part of the Bible that we love to teach children.  Who wouldn’t love to dress up in armour and wield a sword?  All the armour is doubled for durability.  The armour can be snapped onto the page for easy transport (you won’t lose any parts).  The child can dress up the boy in the armour and then, when ready to put it away, snap each piece into its proper place.

This page came with templates for all the pieces from the blog, Laura Thoughts.  I did add the skirt (it was part of the template but as an extra piece).  I don’t like people being in their underwear (awkward), so I sewed the skirt part right on as it served no purpose in the grand scheme of things.  I also added the castle in the background to make it more appealing (I’m like that).  I think everything else followed her template.

And there you have it.  The third and final quiet book.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey with me.  Can you believe that next week will bring in November 1st?

I’ll share a little tidbit with you: I am not planning on blogging much in the beginning of December so I plan to do a series on the people of the nativity story in November.  I also have a giveaway planned that I am soooooo excited about!   I can’t wait for November to be here, haha.   I do have another book coming next week (I’m not finished it yet, lol).  This one should be one I can recommend to you.

And, if you live in the Dartmouth/Fall River/Hammonds Plains/Barrington areas, keep an eye out for Joyful Noise in November.  I have markets coming up in all these places that I am super excited about.  Soaps, lotions, facial toners, room sprays, and so much more will be on my table.  Many of these items will not be for sale in my Etsy store (as shipping is outrageous for a small bottle of room spray) but if you are interested in something and won’t be at these markets message me on here or on Facebook and we will work it out.  I will post most items on my Facebook page.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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