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The Bible in Kid-Friendly Form

In 2013 I began working on a quiet book for Little Man that I would good about having him play with in church.   I like keeping his focus, while in church, on worship and the Bible.  So I began working through some ideas and sewing them together with felt.  I like the felt over cloth because it requires less “machine” time.  I can be out in the living room watching Little Man play while I sew.

Most of these pages were completed before August and Little Miss’s birth.  I haven’t done much sewing since but the last few weeks I began working on Abraham and Isaac and I have one more set to do on Jacob and Esau.  Then Book 1 will be done.  I want to keep working on Bible pages but  I have another ambitious quiet book idea that I want to work on so it might be a little while before I get any more Bible pages done.

PicMonkey Collage1

Here I did all seven days of creation on one page.  HOWEVER, if I do this again I might make it a completely separate page for each day.  I find it’s a little busy and I don’t like busy.  So, Day 1 and 2 are flip sections…Day 3 is button off flowers…Day 4 is a sun/moon flip piece with gold sequin stars…Day 5 has a bird, egret, and fish that velcro on…Day 6 has a man, frog, lady bug, and snake.

I have more animals that can be interchanged on the Noah’s Ark page that comes next.  However, I’ve done many Noah’s Ark pages so I figured another picture of one would be redundant!

PicMonkey Collage2

I got a little backwards on these pages…missed most of Genesis and headed into Exodus…woops!

Anyway…this was a page I saw on Pinterest…the bullrushes are only attached at the bottom and come up to hide the basket and the baby.

PicMonkey Collage3

On this page I attached the Israelites and Pharoah’s army with some thread.  Originally I had them free and one got lost pretty quickly.  They’re pretty tiny so I figured securing them inside the page would be a good thing.

PicMonkey Collage4

I am in love with these next two pages!!!  This is the story where Abraham takes Isaac up the mountain at the Lord’s request to offer him as a sacrifice.  The Lord sends an angel down from Heaven and stops Abraham’s hand before he can kill Isaac and a ram is provided for him to sacrifice instead.   My “thicket” is attached at the top and the bottom leaving room in among the thorns for the ram to get “caught”.

PicMonkey Collage5

The angel comes in and out and Abraham’s hand goes up and down.  Isaac, the wood, the stones, and the ram laying down are all removable.  The stones have velcro so they will stay put when attached.  I’m hoping to do a tutorial/pattern of this page in the next few days so that might get added to the Freebies page soon!  Yeah for patterns. =)

What new things are you working on?

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    1. I just realized that I never have! If you give me a week I will work on the pattern and get it uploaded. =) Thanks for your interest. My 2 and 4 yr old still love these pages.

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