So, apparently there are tons of reviews of Eshakti clothes all over the internet.  I had seen a few bloggers mention this shop in a few posts but not actually a review and I wish I had checked out the reviews ahead of time.  I probably would have done better.

However, after Christmas my hubby said that I could buy myself a dress.  I armed myself with a $30 off coupon code and headed to the site.  I’d already been on it and was totally in love with the dresses.  I love dresses.  I have a singular fascination with dresses.  I could live only wearing dresses!  Seriously…no thought goes into wearing dresses.  You don’t have to match shirts and skirts/pants.  You don’t have to worry about prints matching.  The only thing you might match is a sweater (if it’s cold out) or a pair of shoes.

But I digress…

I had seen one dress I liked and then when I went looking again I saw another so I let my husband make the final decision (and no surprise) he chose this one (he really likes me in red):

Contrast curved waist poplin dress

Pretty, isn’t it?  I love the black waistline.  So…the dress came pretty fast.  I’m new to online buying so it’s been interesting to see how shipping works.  I was a little shocked at the customs I had to pay when it came to my door, wasn’t actually expecting that, although I do realize that it’s normal, I just didn’t realize the dress came from INDIA!  But the customs wasn’t too bad just an expense I wasn’t expecting.

I was so excited to try it on, and deflated pretty quickly.  The bodice fit HORRIBLY!  It was wrong…allllll wrong!  It comes in from the arms to the bust quite a bit (yes, it shows a lot).  Probably if I had customized it to have real “sleeves” it wouldn’t be so bad.  And it’s pretty big in the bust.  A number of reviewers said they ordered one or two sizes smaller in the bust and I wish I had read that before I ordered.  However, I don’t see the point in sending it back as I already paid the $26 in customs and will have to pay it AGAIN if I get them to fix it.  So I’ll probably take it apart myself and see if I can fix the problem.  So, I won’t be wearing this dress for a while and it’s a bit of a disappointment, really.

I was a little disappointed with the material, too, when I first opened the package.  It’s a little rough (like harsh cotton) but I’ve gotten used to it and I’m hoping that it will hold up better than some other types of material.   I might also bring in the skirt a little as my hips do not need circle skirts (well, 1/2 circle)…it’s a little wide and I feel a bit like I’m wearing a tomato, lol.   But overall, I will wear it (once I’ve done the alterations).

I think if I do order from them again (and I would be tempted to) I would definitely do customized measurements.  All the bloggers who ordered dresses with their specific measurements said the outfits fit like a dream (again, wish I’d known that before).  Customization is only $7.50 for everything.  You can put different types of sleeves on them, you can lengthen or shorten the hem, and you can change up the neckline for modesty.  Overall I was impressed with the service.  Apparently some bloggers have had serious issues with their customer service but I did not experience anything like that.   The dresses do pop on and off the website quite quickly so if you see something you like you should snatch it up because it might not be there long.  I had originally gotten on the site because of a gorgeous dress one blogger posted…and it was gone!  We’re not all winners, lol.

*I received no compensation for this review.  I paid for the dress myself.

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