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31 Days on the Character of God–Almighty

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Blogger, The Nester, has started a yearly tradition of doing 31 days in October of whatever you want to write about.  I decided to join in this year and this topic just seemed to be stuck in my mind.  I thought about doing doing 31 days of Quiet Books…or 31 days of Canadian History topics.  But I kept coming back to this topic of God’s character.  I KNOW there are way more than 31 aspects to God’s character so don’t think I’m going to hit on them all.  However, as I’ve been working on my Thanksgiving Tree in our dining room (see this post) these character traits keep coming through.  How can we not be thankful for the amazing character of God?  Our God is AMAZING!  So, this series has come about through my Thanksgiving Tree.

Now, every day is not going to be a super long post.  It might just be a little paragraph about that trait…a verse that fits it, etc.  And a lot of them will probably come from my notes from the study I started off of Marty Collier’s book, “What Do I Know About My God”.  So I hope you’ll follow along with me as we journey through the character of God.

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Today I wanted to start off with the most amazing aspect of God’s character: He is ALMIGHTY!  I looked this up in the dictionary and it literally says, “a name or title for God; having complete power; God almighty”.  I think that’s pretty amazing.  And, in all truthfulness, this term really shouldn’t be used for anyone other than God. For He is the only Almighty One!

What does this mean in my life?  How does this affect ME, personally?  As a mom, I don’t have to worry or fret over situations that come up (children getting sick, finances, etc) because my God has complete control over it all!  Nothing happens that He doesn’t already know about, or that He isn’t working through.  He is ALL-POWERFUL!  Wow!  I am in awe.

I serve an Almighty God!

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