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Monday Minutes – My Missionary Mentor

So last week I promised to let you in on who my missionary visitor was.   I was sooooo excited on Monday to have my missionary mentor, Carolynn Sharp, come for a visit.

Carolynn Sharp Collage

The top picture is Carolynn with Little Man.  He totally fell in love with her.  I was amazed at how fast he became friendly (usually only does that with men).  He climbed up beside her and snuggled right in.  It was so cute!  And then he kept trying to get in her lap.  Such a special moment knowing that he already loved her as much I do!

I met Carolynn at summer camp (Camp Y.E.S. in southern Ontario) when I was about 9 or 10.  She was the missionary speaker at our camp for the week.  Our camp director used to have a missionary come to camp who would take a half hour slot each morning and talk about their work, life as a missionary, etc.    At the time, Carolynn was a missionary in the Amazon, which I thought was way cool!

In my English class that year I had to write a letter to a missionary and I chose to write to Carolynn (she had already made such an impact in my life!).  I cannot tell you what that one letter started.  Carolynn wrote back (I still have that letter stashed away, among many others) and continued to write over the years, becoming my mentor and my confidant in many cases.   Whenever she was home on furlough and was coming through the area she would stop by for a visit, lunch, whatever she had time for – but she always made time for me (and still does!)

After college, I was questioning where the Lord was leading in my life and was really struggling.  Carolynn had changed ministries now to Liberia, West Africa…but she continued to open her heart and life to me.  When she saw my heart’s desire to be involved in ministry, and the different road blocks that seemed to keep coming up, she offered for me to come and spend 2 months with her in Liberia.  Wow!  What an amazing opportunity and time.  That visit changed my life in so many ways.  I wish I could share the video I made about my trip with you, but I’m thinking the file is a little big…I might have to figure out how to condense it and get it up one day so I can share that experience with you.

I am so thankful for this Godly woman and her influence in my life.  She is truly an example of someone who has poured her whole heart and life into ministry for the Lord.  And I know the people that she has touched over the years, both in the Amazon and in Liberia, have been the better for it.

The rest of the week was pretty normal.  Saturday we enjoyed a wonderful visit to the Valley where we were able to pick up a ton of produce to can and freeze for winter.  It is such a blessing to have that opportunity as I know many people don’t live close to farms to be able to enjoy the same bounty.

Fall Bounty Collage

Later this week I’m going to share with you our new Thanksgiving tradition:  a Thanksgiving advent!   And I have another craft that Little Man and I worked on last week to show you as well.  This week is going to be a busy one as we are heading to a couple’s retreat and fitting in some appointments while Little Man goes on a mini vacation!  So much fun.  We are thankful for Mondays (even when they involve car repairs, ugh!)

Happy Monday, Everyone!

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