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A Rainy Day Project

Anyone who knows me knows I’m super patriotic.  I love Canada.  Sure, there are some aspects of Canadian culture that I don’t agree with, or dislike, but, overall, I live in such a wonderful country!  When the Olympics are running I am following them as closely as I can and cheering for Canadian athletes.  When I taught school, I decorated my classroom with Canadian flags, etc.  I’ve always dreamed of decorating one room of my house in red and white (seriously).  When I was in college, students who didn’t know me would ask me if I was American, because I was very forceful in my speech when talking about my country.  I LOVE Canada.

One aspect of Canadian culture that particularly grabs me is our military.  I’ve always been conscious of the men and women who serve to keep our country free.  I enjoy writing letters to Canadian soldiers and have received responses from some of them (which is always exciting). 

While working on a special Canadian project the last few weeks I determined that I wanted to give our military a good presence within it.  I can’t wait to share the whole project with you (hopefully in just a few weeks).  While doing some research I came across this amazing project that I wanted to share now, because it’s so absolutely cool!  The Royal Canadian Navy (established in 1910) has produced paper models of one of their ships (see picture above) that you can download and create.  The age on this project is 9+ because apparently it is a little difficult.  

All the instructions are included on the website (click the picture above to be taken to the page) and can be downloaded for FREE!  It says that it takes about 2-3 hours to create (and with all these days of rain it just might be a good project to keep your kiddos occupied!). 

Let me know if you try it…I’d love to hear how it goes!

Amanda Cunningham

Amanda worked as a full-time school teacher for two years before getting married and having two wonderful kids.She blogs about faith, family, food, and fun.While crafting takes up a lot of her extra time, Amanda also strives to help others through ministry in her church and in the community.Amanda, also known as Mae, works as the church music director and is hoping to start tutoring and teaching music again in the days to come.

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