It’s not cold out (not really considering the –whatever temps we’ve been experiencing lately) and it isn’t that quiet (although the little man is currently taking a nap, so I s’pose it is at the moment).   It IS, however, a MAJOR play on words, hehe.

First the “cold”.

Poor Little Man and I came down with terrible colds this weekend.  I say terrible because I don’t remember ever losing weight with a cold before, but after checking my weight this morning I realized that I have lost 5lbs in less than a week.  Yup…couldn’t do that if I tried!  I’m sure Little Man has lost a few pounds, too, as he really hasn’t eaten much this week.  It’s so hard to see your child sick while feeling totally wiped at the same time.  We have spent a lot of time cuddling (including many hours of the night).

January 2013 005

Little Man is enjoying his very tasty homeopathic kid’s cough remedy and I am swallowing back mugs and mugs of lemon/honey water, carrot juice, orange juice, and vitamin C, hehe.  That’s a lot of liquids.

January 2013 007

I am also enjoying the smells of simmering lavender and tea tree oil on the stove, hoping they help open up the airways.  It’s actually a nice, spciy scent.  If you don’t like the smell of tea tree oil, I actually read that lavender, on its own, has the same healing properties that tea tree oil does (maybe more).  Lots of interesting facts about herbs whirling around in this foggy brain of mine, lol.


Now, on to the “quiet”.

I wouldn’t want to miss this week’s Quiet Book show and tell.  January is almost over and so, too, are the pictures of pages I’ve already completed.  So I thought I would show you a few today and then you can see the rest in March because, in February, I have a host of fun “crafty” things to bring your way (recipes, valentines goodies, etc).   You won’t want to miss out on those…but back to today…


Christmas 2012 012              Christmas 2012 017

This is the “Mr/Mrs Potato Head” page.  We all loved Mr Potato Head growing up…and this is the awesome felt version of him.  I tried to make doubles of everything (hat, purse, lips, nose, eyes, shoes), and I think I might even have tripled the hats.

Christmas 2012 021


This snow man page has 3 circles (the face has the black eyes in fabric paint and a carrot nose sewn on and the buttons on the second piece are fabric paint).  There is a scarf, a couple of hats, and I can’t remember what else.  All the pieces fit into the snow bank at the bottom of the page (I know, terrible picture with glare from the flash)

Christmas 2012 022

Jonah and the whale:  the outline of the whale is difficult to see in the picture because it’s the same colour as the background page (bad idea).  I used fabric paint to make the eye and the spume of water coming out of the top of him.  The whale’s mouth is a zipper (teaches a basic concept of opening and closing a zipper) and Jonah is attached to a ribbon inside the mouth so he can come out – without getting lost on the floor!


Christmas 2012 020


Here’s a good “boy” page…it’s Peter the Fisherman!

Count how many fish he has.  You can place the fish in his net (made from the netting off a clementine box at Christmas) or place them on top of the corresponding number in the sea.    The fish are attached to snaps (another basic concept for young children).   Each fish has a dot in fabric paint from 1 – 5 and corresponds to the number under the fish.


I’ll leave the rest of the pages for March.  I thought I could fit them all in to today’s post, but there are still a few pages to go and I don’t want to make this overly long.    Let me know if you have tried any of these pages before and what you would or wouldn’t change.


For His Glory,


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